Lies in Layers

Lies In Layers - that’s us, Katrin and Moni - two designers for whom fashion is 
more than just clothing. We see fashion as a hypernym of the Zeitgeist in 
everything we do. It’s how we do things, use things or acquire things. It's the 
coffee in our favorite cup in the morning, the same brand of shoes we’ve been 
wearing for ten years, the good food around the corner or the visits to foreign 
It’s a way of life that broadens and evolves through curiosity that never stands 
still and grows with attention to detail. 
This is how we live and this is how we design our line: casual, comfortable, 
unrestricted to fixed occasions and limitless in possibility. One of a kind, high quality 
pieces that we design in Hamburg and manufacture in Europe. 
We enjoy playing with the complexity of fashion, experimenting with the 
material. Hence our name, Lies in Layers. It’s about layers and the space 
between, it’s about the ability to transform and the courage to do so. Our 
pieces leave plenty of room for interpretation and thus give the wearer the 
freedom to decide each and every day who she wants to be. 
Sophisticated, professional, sexy, casual, elegant, street smart, funny, ironic, 
introverted or outgoing. No one is always the same person. Or wants to be at 
all times. We are all works in progress.