Mima-te is the first Mozambican upcycling clothing brand

Mima-te upcycles and re-news Old Vintage clothes found at local markets in Maputo, Mozambique,and turns them into fashionable, modern and unique clothes.

The story behind Mima-te

Our intention is to up cycle and renew these textile, bringing those forgotten clothes back to life and turn them into fashionable, modern clothing. Clothes which have been given by people in the West to Africa much too often ends up as waste. Upcycling these clothes therefore becomes an innovative way of creating a new image of Mozambican clothing and at the same time serves to harness environmental awareness, both in Mozambique and in the origin countries of these clothes. It also allows Mozambican people – from the seller to the sewer at the market – to be involved in creating something beautiful and new instead of just reselling things that were not wanted in rich countries anymore.
Wouldn’t it be amazing if these clothes that people once gave away because they didn’t need them anymore could be sold back to the US and Europe as a piece of true vintage fashion using different designs and innovative cuts, being worth much more than they once were but not having lost their story? We believe so!