Design for Circularity

Design for Circularity offers Design and System Innovation for a circular future of fashion - already today. We developed an innovative solution to indeed close the loop of textiles and to realize a cradle to cradle inspired circular economy: The EXTENDED CLOSED LOOP PLATFORM. This platform interconnects future leading material developments, circular design, circular retail models and closed loop recycling technologies to indeed closed the loop on textiles. Join us today and be part of the movement!

‚Curated circularity - designed for Infinity’

Fashion without waste. Design for Circularity X JAN’NJUNE. established an all season clothing clothing line following the EXTENDED CLOSED LOOP model. Every single item is either recycable or biodegradable and designed for reuse. No exception. If the life of an item is over you can send it to our partners. They will take care of bringing it back to the cycle. Simple as that.